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MyLikita is a platform aimed at managing patient hospital/clinical and other related data in a timely, effective and efficient manner.

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My Doctor, my Health

Yes! You can Book a doctor from anywhere with just a few clicks through our App. Engage with a doctor face to face or using our instant messaging feature.

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Online pharmacy and emergency care

Buy your medicines with our mobile application with a simple delivery system. Now you can get 24/7 urgent care for yourself or your children and your lovely family


Your Records are safe

All patient data are secured stored on a blockchain network. Your Health status are combined with your Health record in all the Hospitals you have been.

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Extraordinary service, extraordinary you

Video Chat Support

Real-time video and audio support to aid communication between Doctors and Patient.

Hospital Management

Manage patient hospital, clinical and other related data in a timely, effective and efficient manner

Crypto Wallet (Near)

With Near Token, you can now fund your wallet and enjoy limitless medical services

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