Main Features and Capabilities

Appointment scheduling and management

Allows patients to schedule appointments online and view their upcoming appointments. Also, it allows staff to manage appointment schedules and send appointment reminders to patients.

Electronic health records (EHR) management

Enables doctors and staff to access and update patient medical records in real-time, including medical history, medications, allergies, and lab results.

Clinical decision support

Provides doctors and staff with access to up-to-date medical information, treatment guidelines, and drug information to support clinical decision-making.

Medical billing and revenue management

Allows hospitals to track revenue and expenses, generate invoices, and manage insurance claims.

Laboratory management

Allows staff to manage lab orders, view lab results, and track lab inventory.

Inventory management

Allows hospitals to manage inventory, track stock levels, and generate purchase orders for new supplies.

Staff management

Allows hospitals to manage staff schedules, track staff attendance, and manage staff training.

Patient tracking

Provides real-time monitoring of patients' progress and treatment plans, and allows staff to view patient information and track patient outcomes.

Data analytics and reporting

Provides hospitals with real-time analytics and reporting on patient outcomes, hospital performance, and financial data.

Communication and messaging

Allows staff to communicate and collaborate with patients and other staff members using secure messaging.

Mobile app for patients

A mobile app that allows patients to view their medical records, schedule appointments, and communicate with their healthcare providers.


Allows patients to consult with their healthcare providers remotely, through video conferencing, chat, and messaging.

Integration with other systems

Allows hospitals to integrate the system with other systems, such as EHR systems, lab systems, and financial systems.

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